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20 Mini Bar Designs For Home

A luxurious house is the dream of every common man, but only few people are able to fulfill their dream of, owning a luxurious house. But this does not at all mean that people earning less cannot own a luxurious house. The luxury to a house can even be bought by having proper furniture and proper setting that look pleasant and eye catchy. A small bar at home can also give you a luxurious feeling and moreover, it looks appealing and pleasant to the guest. This bar space can be adjusted in the dining room or drawing room. Though, if you own a big house, you can even adjust this bar space in a separate room with bigger bar.


These days’ home bars had become a common thing. But what matters is the home bar design. The home bar design needs to be a perfect one, so that it pleases the people’s eyes visiting your house. There are number of home bar designs possible, but if you do not wish to change the design of your home bar frequently then you need to choose the universal design that is evergreen by nature. The evergreen home bar designs can run year after year without changing their style. So, it is strongly recommended to choose from the universal home bar designs for your house because you surely not want to change the design year after year.





Home bar are really affordable, though they look expensive and costly at first sight. They have the ability to add some style to your home and make it more appealing and sexy. One of the major difficulties that you may face while designing a home bar is the position of home bar.




Where to set up Home Bar?

You should not get confused while setting the home bar at perfect location in your house. Here are some tips that will help you out in setting a good home bar at perfect location in your house:


    • The drawing room would be the best option to design a small home bar. You can choose any cornet of the drawing room that has adjacent side walls to locate the bar there.


  • If you have enough space in your house and want your home bar to be at different location isolated from the rooms then you can design a home bar in a different room i.e. you must dedicated a separate room for the home bar, if space is not the issue.


  • Small houses can even choose the dining room to design a home bar in. In most of the houses the dining space is wasted. So it is better to construct at home bar in dining room


A home bar will largely contribute in making your house look luxurious and will definitely provide a luxurious feel to the guests coming to your house.

Things to consider while designing a home bar

You need to consider different things while designing a home bar. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Space: The space is always a major concern in any type of construction and so goes with the home bar. If you have a big house then you can even dedicate a big room to the bar. IT can even be used at party hall. But, if the space is limited and you still want a home bar then drawing room or dining room are the best places to set a small home bar there.



  • Material: Choosing the material from which your home bar will be made up of is also an important concern. You need to decide that whether it should be made using plywood, concrete, marbles, steel, or any other stuff. You also need to decide the location of counter and shelves in the bar so that the material can be purchased accordingly. Different style handles and other accessories need to be looked carefully without any ignorance.


  • Theme: The theme of the bar is another important primary concern. If you are sports enthusiast then choosing a sports theme is not at all a bad choice. Choose the theme based on your style after concerning with family, if the bar is not personal.


  • Colors: Choosing the right color accessories and paint for the bar is also really very important. The color will say everything. The bar must be colored in a funky manner and should have proper contrast with the walls of the room.


  • Lighting: The lighting is the major aspect of the bar. The disco lights of different colors are the necessity of the bar. Ball lighting can also help in enhancing the look of bar. You can even use the mix of disco and ball lighting to give a special look to the bar.





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