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25 Front Gate Designs: Welcome your Guest with Perfect Gate Design

The houses are recognized with their front gate. So, the front gates needs to be designed perfectly in a wonderful manner. The front gates are the main entrance for any guest coming to your house. So, you always welcome a guest through the front gate. This is the main reason why front gate should be awesome. The design and nearby location to gate will depend on what type of house you are living in. If you are living in a building owning single floor then you are restricted to few front gate designs, but if you own big bungalow then you have plenty of front gate design to welcome your guest.

Welcome your Guest with Perfect Gate Design

Also, the front gate entrance of any house or office needs to be safe and secure. Apart from being attractive, you must take care that the front gate has proper locking system, so as to avoid any mischief from the robbers. The gate must be designed in a way that it is easily accessible to the intruders. Also, while designing the front gate for a house, you need to achieve the balance not compromising with the security and appeal of the front gate. The modern day front gate designs are not only attractive but are kept secure and safe from the thieves. People also get options to include the burglar alarms in the locks of these gates so whenever anyone tries to break the lock, the alarm rings up.

Front Gate design Ideas for Single Floors

Ad you all know that the houses with single floors are very much restricted in design of the front gate, but still the appearance of the front gate on single floored houses can be enhanced. You need to choose the perfect design of the front gate and provide it with proper security.

  • The front gate design for single floored house can be a double door gate with modern day locks.


  • Other design can be a single door gate that has small windows like cylindrical pillars in the middle to watch anyone outside the gate.



  • A gate with mic and camera is another great option and impressive too


  • Also you need to provide the security to the gate. Either go with the gate that has modern day or traditional locks. You can even choose the gates having the burglar alarms.


  • You can even keep some flower pots or plant pots near the front gate entrance to make it look more appealing


Front Gate design Ideas for Bungalows

The big bungalows have plenty of option to modernize their front gates and make them look really very sexy and amazing. The surroundings near the front gates can also be improved to enhance the look of front gate of the bungalow. Here are some front gate ideas for Bungalows.

  • The gate can be designed with shutter fittings that have wheels in the bottom and moves on sliding. This will give the traditional look to the gate.


  • The modern day gates for bungalows are generally big having the cylindrical cone like structure over the top and provide the complete view with small spaces in between the gate structure




  • Window front gates had gained popularity these days. These gates are simple gates that have windows slightly above the middle to view the person who is outside. The window is well protected with cylindrical structures running parallel to the gate


You can even enhance the look of the front gate by making a cool surrounding near the gate. A good surrounding near the front gate will automatically enhance its look, no matter how simple your front gate is.

Tips to enhance the look of front gate

These tips will help you out to enhance the overall look of your front gate without actually touching the front gate. Some of them are as follows:

  • A small garden in front of the front gate is one of the most versatile options to enhance the look of your front gate. This will also be helpful in keeping the environment fresh near the front gate.


  • You can place some flower posts near the front gate of your bungalow


  • You can mark the way towards your front gate. The way can be designed using marbles in centre and pebbles surrounding the walkway. This will bring a sexy look to the front gate.


  • Green cover near the front gate is another great option. You can make use of synthetic grass to highlight the walk ways towards your front gate to bring beauty to the gate.


These were some effective tips to bring great subjectivity to the gate and enhance the overall look of the gate to marvel its beauty.











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