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Clay Modelling Ideas for Kids: 30 Picked

The kids are the ones who look for some or the other things to pass their time with or to remain occupied and out of all of that, one of the ways they opt for is clay modelling. Various clays are available in the market, which are bought for the kids such that they can use them to play, to pass their time, to build up their imagination and do various things which will be fun for them.

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It is amazing to know, that as kids we have played with the flour balls as a replacement of clays, however the kids these days are provided the pack of clays to play with which are brought from the market. Hence we have to ensure that such clay packs are not harmful to your kids. As the kids while playing may take the clay in their mouth which can cause harm to them or may be infectious, so try to opt for the clays which are herbal and will not cause any harm to them. While buying the clay following things has to be kept in mind;

  • Crayola or Amaco clay is the ones which is the most suggested for your kids. It is soft, light and squishy too hence it is the best for the kids. The features are the most suited i.e. easy to handle, creates no mess and is also non toxic. It is appropriate for kids who are two years and above.

However the clays can also be made up at home and this may involve following some of the simple steps.

Clay Modelling Ideas for Kids

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Steps to make the clay at home for your kids

The clay can be made at home itself, and the best part about it is that it is an economical option for those who would not like to spend so much of money on it. Such clays can be made with the help of some of the ingredients at your house and the same should be baked such that beautiful sculptures can be drawn up with this.

  • The ingredients required for the clay includes one forth cup flour, one forth cup salt, a tablespoon cream of tartar, three forth cup warm water and one tablespoon cooking oil.
  • Put the flour, salt and cream in a bowl and then mix the ingredients with the help of spoon.
  • Once the above ingredients have been added mix some warm water in it. Then stir it well such that clusters start forming.
  • Keep on adding the warm water unless the mix forms sticky dough.
  • Add on the oil to the mixture, such that it becomes a bit soft. However too much of the oil may make the things difficult and it would affect the mold to get it harder. Also remember if the clay seems to be too watery, then you may add some more flour to it.
  • If you like that your clays should have some color, then use the food colors to add color on it. Separate the clays in different sections, and add different colors to it.
  • Once all of the above is done, you may put the mixture of the clay in the refrigerators such that it gets freeze and hardened up.

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Advantages of playing with clay

There are various advantages of playing with the clay. Some of them are discussed here.

  • Kids with clays in their hands remain preoccupied with their stuff, and hence let their parents or caretakers do the other work which may have been pending for a long time. So it is the best remedy which can be used when you want your kids to be occupied in their own stuff.
  • Clay playing helps in building the imagination of the kids. With the clays in their hands kids tend to make figures of various things which they see throughout the day or the things which they think of. This way you get to know that what your kids are really learning all the day as mostly you will see them making those models which they learn or see in the whole day, hence it ensures you that your kids are learning only the right things.

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Teach your kids Clay Modelling

With the various clay modelling ideas for kids prevailing in the market, we have come up with some of the things which can be used to design the clays in a much better way which are mentioned below;

  • Tooth picks can be used to make holes in the clay, like eyes, nose or different things can be drawn on the clay with the help of these toothpicks.
  • Cutters or the stamps can be used to cut the clay in the desired shape. The shapes may vary from square, circle, star or round shape.

From above it is clear, that clay modelling is one of the most preferred games which kids would like to play and also parents prefer to choose this for their kids. The clay brings out the creative side of the kid which is otherwise hard to explore.

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