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30 Innovative Fun Art Projects for Kids

The summer vacations are here, and you know the biggest issue faced during this season is that your child gets bored having nothing to do at the home. It is even difficult to keep them engaged in the outdoor activities for the whole day long. That is when the need of some fun art projects for kids arises to keep the child involved in something, but creative and useful. There are various projects which can be assigned to the kids, to keep them engrossed and also to grow up their artistic skills.

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Various ideas can be found online, and the purpose can also be solved by admitting your children in the summer camps, which takes up many activities which ensures full learning for the child. But if you want them to learn these at their home itself, then it is not a bad idea at all. It is generally thought of that these art and crafts is a costly affair, but such is not the case always, one can use the waste materials or the recycled products to do these art stuffs, and believe me it is so interesting to see your children’s skills and the way they present their feelings through this art exercise. It is just not a project for them but it is a medium of enjoyment too, which they love doing whenever free.

Fun Art Projects for Kids

It is often said, that child don’t speak much about their feelings but all of it can be clearly seen in their arts, i.e. their paintings, collages and various other forms. This art is a small word but some of them pursue them as a hobby, however some of them pick to up as their profession, and grow up as passionate artists. Various exercises can be picked up by children like:


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Buy your kids with some crayons, sketch pens or painting colors and you will soon see them engrossed with all. The paintings done by them will be full of colors, and if you gift them with a coloring book, it is not less than a treat to them.


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It is a cheap way of drawing up a scenario or a picture, you can make the collage with the help of waste papers, and these waste papers can be pasted on a cardboard to form scenery or a portrait of any person or thing.

  • Even collages can be framed by using different photographs, means a collection of number of photos at one place.
  • This collage teaches your kid that how memories are being treasured by placing the valuable pictures at one place.

Blow point pens

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It is a fun task to do, and kids love to use the blow pens. With the blow pens, one just has to blow into the pens and the colors come out of these pens. Different colored blow pens are available in the market with which paintings can be made, hence it is both fun doing and artistic too.

Wax or Crayon Art

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You can provide your kids with a variety of wax, which comes up in various colors.

  • These can be used to make figures of various animals, plants, humans or even buildings or anything which comes in your imagination.
  • You can even build up a model of your family or some place on your own.
  • It is a fun thing to do, and I am sure your kids would love trying this wax task for sure.
  • You can create amazing crayon art by using hair dryer on it.

Use of ice cream sticks

Fun art projects for Kids1

The waste ice cream sticks can be used to portray your art, all you need to do, is collect some of the sticks and use them to draw a picture on the sheet. It is though an interesting and a different task to do, from the usual drawing and painting and as you can see it hardly involves any sum of money.

Use of recycle items to create many things is also a good option. Like with the use of waste paper or tins or many other articles many products can be made like the paper fans, boats or some toys which will be a good interesting task for the kid. This way he will be able to show up his innovative skills and will also know how to use the waste materials and learn how the same can be put to some use.

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Above listed were some of the fun practices which can be carried out, however so much of them are available at your disposal which can be tried with every passing day. I hope it was interesting to go through the above enlisted points and it would have made your thought much clear about the art options available with you. So go ahead, and try out some of the few arts and teach these too your children too.

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