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15 Most Popular Science Museums in the World

Science museums are always a great place to motivate students and even youngsters who are making their career in science subject. If you are searching for some of the finest museums of the world then here is the list of some of the most popular Science museums in the world. You can visit any museum around the world and see the most innovative inventions and technologies that had been created in past years or the technology that is in progress.

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Popular Science Museums in the World

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

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This museum is situated in Tokyo, Japan and is basically a futuristic museum that displays innovations, nanotechnology, life sciences, and genome research.

  • The museum is accessible to the kids and its support staff give the demonstrations to the people
  • You can look inside the human head, try the mind giggling puzzles and learn more about earthquakes
  • You can see the Honda Intelligent Robot

Franklin Institute

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This museum is the heart exhibit that has explains you about heart and arteries, open heart surgery, and has giant EKG machine. It also explains you about space. The older visitors can ride sky bike that is hung at 28 feet.

Natural History Museum

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This museum is situated in London, England. This is the greatest museums of the world covering minerals, fossils, animals, human biology, plants, and popular dinosaur’s exhibits.

  • You can see the rare colossal squid specimen and also the missing link between birds and reptiles
  • The Darwin center is made with modern technology and gives the insight to future research
  • You can view a number of specimens on your tour and even 3.5 million butterfly specimen

Pacific Science Center

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The museum stores the 50 years of discovery and this makes it original Science and Technology museum of USA. It teaches the kids through the technology called hands on display. This museum also experiments correlation of hygiene, rest, exercise, and diet on physical body. It also offers permanent interactive experiments based on heat, energy, animals, and insects.

Ontario Science Center

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This science center is situated in Toronto. You can witness the bees at work, push pull and peer the butterfly wings. You can even measure the heart rate.

  • This museum takes the challenge to make science & technology entertaining
  • The astronomy, nature, technology, and music are very well explained by different culture inside the museum
  • It has 24-metre high dome shaped theater and has 360 degree surround screen

Maryland Science Center

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To visit this museum is the dream of science lovers. This museum displays the resources of past, present, and even the future.

  • The Dinosaurs Mysteries displays the 13-full inched sized dinosaurs
  • You can even touch the dinosaurs’ egg, touch the fossils and have fun
  • In the Newton’s Alley, the visitors get a chance to learn Magnetism, Mechanics, light and sound
  • Kids room of the museum is the perfect place to make your kid do 50 amazing activities

Heureka Finnish Science Centre

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This museum is situated in Helsinki and was started as a project by Helsinki University in year 1989. It attracts 17 million visitors annually. You can enjoy the moon walk, operate on puzzles, and learn how the coins are made. It is the superb destination for the younger minds.

Center of Science & Industry (COSI)

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The museum is popular for its science shows, different workshops, and its slew activities. It has something for people of any age group.

  • You can simulate space capsule lands
  • You can even witness the change in technology since 1898
  • The entry fee is $9.95

National Air and Space Museum

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This museum is situated in Washington DC, United States of America. You can witness a good collection of spacecraft, aircraft, rockets, and even missiles.

  • You can see the Wright brother plane of 1903, space shuttle missions, and Mars probes
  • You can touch moon rock, scale solar system at 10th billionth of its actual size and do lot more things

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry

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This museum is situated on River Willamette in Portland. It has plenty to offer to the people.

  • It has five exhibition halls, planetarium, Omnimax giant theater, eight science labs, and USS Blueback Submarine
  • It also offers you submarine tour. You can enjoy climbing in quarters, touching torpedo, and witness life in sea

Museum of Science and Industry

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This museum is situated in Chicago, USA and is the largest science museum of America. It has a huge railway model, submarine, and NASA Aircraft in its exhibits. The visitors can create models, clamber through space, experience the flight simulators, and mock up giant human heart. There is more to explore here.


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It has both indoor and outdoor museums. The outdoor museum has an area of 100 acres that is bigger than Disneyland.

  • Outdoor science park uses it as outdoor living lab for the experiments
  • Planet walk in the museum will take you to 2 mile scale journey from sun to Pluto
  • The indoor of the museum will make you explore maneuver weather simulators and also allow you to test quality of light

Science Centre NEMO

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This museum is situated in Amsterdam, Germany. It is housed on harbor in a beautiful building. This is the museum for the kids. It has numerous virtual reality exhibits, topics like DNA technology, psychology, and much more.

California Academy of Sciences

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This science museum is located at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. This museum offers variety of science for the complete family from children to the olds.

  • It is a four storey rain forest which is dome shaped
  • It has aquarium, history museum, and digital planetarium inside the museum
  • It is the greenest museum of the world that has 2.5 acres living roof, water reclamation system, solar canopy, and unique insulation
  • The entry fee is $3 only

The Exploratorium

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This museum is situated in San Francisco and showcases the research lab dealing with innovations. You can see genetically engineered green worms, glowing jellyfish, stem cells form mice, and also explore the physical phenomenon like light, weather, and electricity.

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