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Top 25 Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names

Puppy is a young dog, or a dog as a kid. They weigh around 1-3 lb. Healthy puppies may grow quickly after they are born; they even change their colors for some of the initial months. Some pups may be found on streets however some of them are adopted and they get their foster homes where they are loved beyond any limit. They become companion for your life. When the puppies enter their foster homes, they are given names by the ones who takes care of them

Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names1.1

If you are about to choose name of your dog, then it may be a tough task for you. Finding out some new and meaningful names is the biggest fight for you.

Factors on the basis of which names can be chosen

  • Names which are meaningful and new shall be chosen for your puppy.
  • Try and pick up the name which matches the personality of your dog.
  • Choose the name which sounds good to you, and can also be spoken clearly and easily.
  • A name chosen should be the one, to which you think your pup will react fast to it.

Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names

Guys believe me your search is over, below mentioned are some of the popular and meaningful male puppy names of the pups which I have shortlisted based on my personal choice.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names1

It means baker, and it is best for the pups that are in love with the cakes and breads. It may fit perfectly to his personality. The sound of the name is different and may sound loud when said; hence your dog may approach to you fast.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names2

Personally this is my favorite choice of names, as the meaning of the name is buddy. In true terms, the pup at your home is your best friend who accompanies you in all the phases of life. You share a very emotional, sentimental relation with your pup and so with your friend.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names3

It means fortunate, the one who is bless with good fortune or the one you may wish to be fortunate enough to lead a long and a happy life. I am sure when it comes to your dog you would want him to be fortunate to live a peaceful life so you can choose this name for him.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names4

This word means beauty, and before choosing this name properly analyze the personality and looks of your pup. In case you choose this name for your pup, be sure that it matches with his looks, however if this is not the case then it may turn out to be a joke. This name is well suited for the female pups which are beautiful than the male puppies, and if they are beautiful then for sure this is the perfect name for her.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names5

You may not have to think much before choosing this name for your pet, for you I am sure your pup is the greatest amongst all, and with this name you can flaunt it to the rest of the world.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names6

It is best suited name for those pups who are too relaxed, or those you never bark or trouble anyone. Such personality traits may match with this name, as the word means calm and peaceful. There are various breeds of dogs, who are so quite that it seems that they are here on earth to be loved, they will not be seen barking even in worst circumstances, so this is the perfect choice of name for such dogs.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names7

As the word, says all in itself it means a long field. You might be thinking for which kind of pup will this name best suit, so in this case if your pup is adventurous, likes to go for long walks or like to trouble others by chasing them or love to play then it is the correct name for him.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names8

The name itself has clear meaning, this name can be used for the pups that are dark in color i.e. the color of their fur is black, brown or even dark gray.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names9

It means strong and brave, this name is perfect for those pups who are the saviours of your family, i.e. who protects you from the outside threats or thieves or anything which may cause harm to you. This may sound like a joke, because name of some other animal i.e. bear is given to a dog.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names10

The helper of your family, your pup is true to this name. He is the real help for your family who stays on his toes to fulfill your orders, be it anytime of the day. You may train your pup to bring for you daily morning newspapers from the door or even bring slippers or other things which may be required by you.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names11

He is the real leader, and I am sure so is your pup. The leader of the kids in your family, and he may accompany your kids to the park or at various places as the leader to take care of him.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names12

This means handsome. According to us, our pets are the best looking pups on this earth, and when you name them something like this, means you have made an official declaration about this. So for all those who consider their pups to be the most fabulous looking amongst all the other, you can choose this name.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names13

This means rest, if your pup loves to rest or sit back at home and enjoys peace then you can name him as Rocco. It is the name for a typical pup which hates to go to play or walk and loves to sit back at home in his comfort zone.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names14

It means God has been gracious and kind to you. This name can be chosen, because having a pup is a God’s grace in its own. God is giving you the most loyal company for life, who will be around you no matter when and what the circumstances are. It is God’s blessing in disguise.


Popular and Meaningful Male Puppy Names15

It means long and heavy. The word is easy to say, even your pups may find it easy to grasp it as their own name, and may react to it soon.

You can also check out some more amazing names for your super amazing puppy.

  • Aslan
  • Gus
  • Bingo
  • Trapper
  • Cowboy
  • Cooper
  • Ace
  • Dynamo
  • Charlie
  • Boomer

I am sure the above mentioned list was useful to you, and now you may chose from one of the names mentioned above.

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