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Top 15 Rarest Flowers in the World

Flowers are the beautiful assets of nature that looks awesome when are in full bloom. The flowers make the view more beautiful and scenic. Most of the flowers have nice soothing aromas and have different colors. These flowers grow in different seasons and most of them grow in spring season. Though the flowers are available throughout the year, but there are some flowers that are rarely seen. Some of the rarest flowers in the world are listed below. If you are flower lover, then you must have a look at them.

Rarest Flowers in the World1.1

Rarest Flowers in the World

Ghost Orchid

Rarest Flowers in the World1

These flowers are found in the forests of Florida and Cuba. This is the most orchid endangered species in wild.

  • This flower blossoms between the month of June and August
  • These flowers also emit the fragrant odors
  • Florida had already enacted the laws to protect this species

Middlemist’s Red


This flower is the native of Japan, Korea, and China. It can only be found in Chiswick House Gardens in London and also in New Zealand Garden.

  • This species belongs to camellia family
  • John Middlemist is the person behind its name
  • He brought this species to China in year 1806

Gibraltar Campion

Rarest Flowers in the World3

This species of flower is found on high cliffs of Gibraltar and this plant is believed to be extinct in 1980s outside Gibraltar by complete scientific community.

  • IN 1992 all its species were declared extinct
  • In 1994 a single specimen of this plant was discovered on inaccessible cliffs by a climber
  • This plant is now cultivated at millennium bank and its specimen are grown at Royal Botanic Garden and also at Almeda Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Chocolate Cosmos

Rarest Flowers in the World4

This is the dark red to brown species of the Cosmos and is the native to Mexico. This had become the extinct wild flower since hundred years.

  • This species survives today as non fertile clone and was created in 1902 through vegetative propagation
  • The flowers grow about 3-4 cm in diameter
  • These flowers has fragrance similar to vanillin
  • It is a great ornamental plant


Rarest Flowers in the World5

This is a very rare tree that is found in Hawaii and was discovered in 1860. Only 3 specimens were found at that time.

  • The tree was difficult to propagate and in 1950 its last seedling died and became extinct
  • The sole survivor was found in 1970 and was destroyed in 1978 by fire
  • One branch of last remaining tree was saved luckily and now 23 such trees exist today
  • This tree grows only to 10-11 meter
  • It produces hundreds of red colored flowers annually

Kadupul flower

Rarest Flowers in the World6

It is a rare flower and is only found in few forests of Sri Lanka. They bloom only in night. It has a delicate yellow core and long white petals. This flower holds the special significance in the Buddhists traditions.

Parrot’s Beak

Rarest Flowers in the World7

This is a beautiful flower that had become rare since the year 1884. The flower had become completely extinct in wild.

  • This plant is found in Canary islands and is pollinated by sunbirds
  • Various attempt had been made to re-grow this plant, but only a little success is achieved yet

Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

Rarest Flowers in the World8

These flowers were found in almost whole of the Europe, but population changes make them rare. Today, these flowers are located in a single golf course of United Kingdom. These rare species are valued and are under the protection of UK police for more than 100 years.

Jade Vine

Rarest Flowers in the World9

This flower is the rare woody vine flowers that are found in tropical rainforest in Philippines. This flower is the member of bean and pea family.

  • Plant has the claw shaped flowers
  • Flowers grow from the hanging trusses
  • They can even reach high to three meters in the length
  • The color of this flower vary from blue green to the mind green

Corpse Flower

Rarest Flowers in the World10

This is the largest unbranched flower of the world. The odor of this flower is very similar to that of the decomposing animal flesh. This flower is found in low tropical rain forests of country Indonesia.

  • It has a total width of more than a meter
  • It is a carrion plant
  • It requires the vine for its nourishment and support
  • The flower last for a week

Franklin Tree

Rarest Flowers in the World11

This tree is the part of tea family and only few sole species are flowering in its genus. This tree is native of Altamaha river valley, Georgia.

  • It was extinct in wild in 19th century
  • This plant has fragrant white blooms and its leaves turns red while the fall

Cape Sundew

Rarest Flowers in the World12

This is the carnivorous plant that is basically the native of Cape in South Africa. This plant traps the arthropods and insects using its secretions that are very sticky.

  • The self pollinating flowers of this plant species are self pollinating and have five petals
  • The flowers are brightly colored

Youtan Poluo

Rarest Flowers in the World13

This flower was discovered by the Chinese farmer and found it in his steel pipes. It is made up of 28 pieces of the minuscule.

  • These flowers are white in color
  • It is a sweet smelling flower
  • Its diameter is 1mm
  • Botanical experts believe that this flower only blooms once in 3000 years

Snowdonia Hawkweed

Rarest Flowers in the World14

This flower is found in Welsh Valley of Snowdonia and the flower had fallen as low as 7 patches in this valley during 20th century.

  • Flower was extinct in 1950s and rise again in year 2002
  • Now extensive safety measures are taken for the survival of this plant

Black Bat Flower

Rarest Flowers in the World15

This flower is found in the tropical forests of central and southern China. This plant has become rare due to deforestation.

  • This flower is at least a meter long
  • These are found and grown in tropical and the humid climate

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