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Top 4 Luxury Dating Options

Online dating sites are at your call and beck once you decided to find a match or just a love affair within the boundlessness of the Internet. They start searching and offering you a candidate matching your interests, location, tastes, preferences and habits based on the information provided the moment you stepped in this world, i.e. created a profile. That is one of the reasons why so many people prefer to use best dating site Cupid to the conventional way of organizing their love life.  In other words, online dating saves users time and headaches.

Though, the virtual dating is not all in one method. The question of the first face-to-face date will, sooner or later, arise. And, sooner or later, a man will have to use all his imagination, creativity and experience to organize a date that will not be the first and the last one. The situation gets tougher in case a man plans not an ordinary date, but a luxury one to impress a woman with the taste of a high level. This post will be very handy then. Read on these luxury dating options that will definitely inspire you not to speak of a woman!


  • A helicopter tour tops the list for obvious reasons. Sightseeing from the air even if one knows every corner of one’s city will be photographed on one’s memory forever. There is a plenty of space for directing this date like a spectacular movie, for example, to add sunset background and a bottle of excellent sparkling wine with some fruits. Watching the sun doing down, identifying skyscrapers, drinking champagne and engaging in cozy conversation are the essential components of a luxury romantic date.
  • A dinner on the roof is a light version of the first option, but sill impressive and stylish. Besides, this date has the evident advantage. Nothing will distract a woman’s attention from your personality because surrounding will be static and at the same time stunning. It takes less time to prepare. All you need is only to find a luxury restaurant on the roof top terrace, enjoy bird’s eye view on the city and taste the finest cuisine.
  • Exotic Massage for two. This dating suggestion is ideal in case if you or your partner is afraid of height. Go together to a luxury spa salon and have a dual massage. It will ease the tension and invite to a heart-to-heart talk. To avoid female’s unexpected reaction, it would be wise to know in advance what your partner thinks of going on a date to the spa.
  • A celebrity-style date involves a stretch limo. Despite the fact that one may think that this is not a new idea, this luxury vehicle has never failed to make a strong impression. A white or black limousine driven by a chauffeur makes everybody feel like a star or a VIP person. In a passenger compartment two persons may enjoy each other’s company, sip wine or have some fun by sticking the heads out of the sun roof.

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