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25 Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids

Arts and crafts are a party of activity which involves your own efforts and work from your hands. Art and crafts are part of a hobby these days. This part of skills is practiced over the years since centuries others are recent inventions. Everyone loves arts and crafts, be it children or adults. kids crafts are easy and quick to use which require minimum efforts, equipment and material and give satisfying results. Kids love their crafts and aliens crafts are always loved by kids. Children learn most of their arts and crafts at school. These skills get developed by working and engaging according to the choice of kids. In schools children learn lots of activities like woodworking, wood carving, arts, and crafts. It helps children develop lots of creativity.

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids1.1

These days even there are many centers which teach small children with these kinds of activities like creating various arts and crafts. There are many easy alien craft ideas for kids to make them learn this art form. Although in the past crafts were used as a hobby for many amateurs, the word is no more just a hobby and becoming more of a profession. Young children are enthusiastically seeking to learn art and technique of arts. Even now we see a profession like craftsmen being used very commonly. There are many tuition centers which teach arts and crafts making.

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids1

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids8

Alien Space Crafts

There are many creative ideas for children like those of Alien space crafts. Aliens are always considered to UFO’s which come from outers pace so they must be having some spaceship from where they had landed. Drawing an alien spaceship is actually not much time consuming as alien spacecraft is a simple saucer like craft as you must have seen in various Hollywood movies and also in Indian movies like “Koi Mil Gaya”. In the movie it was shown that aliens come from a saucer like crafts. So it is always easy to draw a saucer for:

  • Monsters and Aliens: Did the heading give a hit? I am sure it does. The movie “Monsters and aliens” was a major hit among children. It is a good idea to make of your alien friends taking an idea from the movie. It won’t be much of headache. All you need it some rolls.


  • Little Aliens: Some of the great ideas of alien crafts are making aliens by crocheting. Do all you need to do is to makes spheres around with stitching some buttons as eyes and your funny looking alien creature is created. It has a very cute and funny look to it.

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids27

  • Alien Robots:Robots are always popular among children and idea about an Alien robot is even crazier. You can make an alien robot with the help of tin cans available in the market. Even you can use common toys like cars etc. You must have seen a movie Transformers which was a major hit among children mainly for the Alien Robots featuring in it as these robots transform from a simple care to giant robots. It is a very creative idea to make one of your own alien robot and start invasion of Planet Earth. It sounds not only crazy but it would be a major hit among younger ones.

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids2

  • Alien Plants: Making potted alien plants is also a very interesting idea for alien crafts, All you need is mold of set of human teeth, the alien is crocheted into a beautiful mold and it looks a very amazing figure which could be placed at any corner of your home. This is really interesting idea for your kids.

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Materials Required for Making Aliens Crafts

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids9

Before making an alien space crafts, you need to make sure that you have sufficient list of materials at your disposal so that you don’t have any problem while making above mentioned alien crafts ideas for children’s. There is list of Craft tools and supplies like a start-up kit for beginners. Even the advanced users should check this list. There are different types of papers and decorative crafts, what children learn is more basic and decorative arts in preschool when they do hand-prints, 3D animals, cards, aliens and arts and so on then they gradually advance to more higher versions. For starters craft materials, there are list of things which could be used. Craft materials are called as support materials like paper, canvas etc. Anything with solid surface is a material which can be used for drawing materials on it. From craft tools we mean the tools or equipments which are used to apply textures or pains on the material with almost anything from fingers to tooth brushes or spongers. Here is the list of some general tools which should be available while you are looking to implement your Alien craft ideas for children.

  • Crafts paper—different types of it like white, tissue paper, colors etc.
  • 2 sheets of Cardboard and few plain ones like white, black and some colored, you can also use a corrugated card board.
  • Tracing papers, stencils.
  • Silver or gold art papers or Silver or tin foils for projects.
  • General Items like Pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener, tapes, Glue, Coloring pencils, Wax Crayons, Chalk petals
  • Pains palette, acrylic paints, water color pains, or diluted acrylic paints with water, paint brushes
  • Scissors (Zigzag or pattern scissors)
  • Pens or dip pens, decorators.
  • Toggle or shaky eyes for making faces.
  • Self-cutting and healing mat for greater precision cutting and getting things straight.
  • Tooth brushes for providing paint effects and textures.
  • Craft Paper Punch like a general art flower, circle, square or triangle for card and frames making.
  • Round sticker labels and for making instant eyes, noses.
  • Punch Hole stickers for patterns and motives
  • Metal Cookie cutter for instant print shapes and potato stamps
  • Kitchen paper rolls and facial tissues, cottons, bids for spills and making corrections.
  • Some bits and pieces like washers, press studs, ropes, ribbons, threads, sequins etc.

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Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids5

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids10

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids11

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids12

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids13

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids14

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids15

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids16

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids17

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids24

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids25

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids26

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids28

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids29

Easy Alien Craft Ideas for Kids30

Alien craft ideas for children could be anything which you can imagine or create on your own. As aliens are imagination of human beings, you can also think of any figure and start making alien craft ideas.

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