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25+ Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids are masters in exploring their creativity beyond all boundaries. They make use of almost everything around them to fabricate and design gorgeous stuffs that adorn their kids’ ambiance and also make a part of funny Toyland. Plastic bottles that are present in almost all household can provide incredible notions and ideas to make attractive toys, vases, stands and many more stuffs. The magic of these plastic craft ideas for kids spellbinds everyone with the creativity used in making them. Since kids are naïve at the use of such plastic bottles they must be guided in the apt way so that it doesn’t turn into a mess. Here are some essential and tips and tricks that must be followed while making crafts from plastic bottles. It also unveils some ideas and designs that can be tried and hence boost the child to develop a knack towards such craft-work.

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Plastics bottles are available in large numbers and are used by almost every household. Hence kids are presented with multitude of options to utilize their time and ooze their creativity to make wonderful craft work. Take a glimpse at these incredible plastic bottle craft Ideas for Kids and make amazing articles with simple ideas and attractive designs.

Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids

Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids1

Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids2

Tricks and Tips involved

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The simple tip of making craft-work with plastic bottles is to browse through popular sites where various ideas and videos are provided.

  • They offer numerous ideas that are extremely simple to implement.
  • The trick lies in how beautifully the kids grasp the idea and add their taste of innovation to give the finished product a unique touch.

Boosting Innovation

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Kids are far away from the hassle of life and hence dream different tales and come across numerous unique and creative ideas. This boosts their innovation and encourages them to try new things.

  • Kids view plastic bottles not merely as a container or water holder but they try to expand their notions and come across creative craft-work like stands, decorative pots, holders etc.
  • Kids and toddlers wrap the plastic bottles with enticing glossy papers and give it an attractive closure.

How to make Craft-work from Plastic Bottles

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Papers, scissors and glue are the basic requirements to make wonderful craft-work from plastic bottles. Any kinds of craft can be made by cutting the bottle with scissor and then using glue to stick the desirable objects like buttons of velvet papers for cover.

Keeping Kids Active

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Kids are loved for their activeness and enthusiasm. Plastic bottles allow kids to engross themselves completely in it and hence spend their recreation time to make amazing stuffs.

  • Beauty of the plastic bottles lies in covering them. They can take white sheets of paper and paint them with robust and catchy colors.
  • Kids can cut them it in different shapes to cover and hence spend time trying different color amalgamations. Creativity of the kids is depicted with these color combinations and unique shapes they come up with to wrap the [plastic bottles.

Usefulness of Plastic Bottles Craft-work

Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids21

Apart from designs and plastic bottles crafts can be used for many useful purposes to make stands and containers to store. Kids can also make different toys by carving the bottles and thus have fun by exploring their world of creativity.

Jump out of the box

Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids14

A simple soda bottle or plastic bottle can be used by kids to turn it into amazing pen stands, pots, wall hangings and a lot more. These are some common ideas to begin with but kids have shown brilliance in creativity and come up with more attractive ideas and craft-work

  • Kids have interest in saving and they try keeping the coins safe in their closets. That small amount gives them immense happiness and a million dollar smile. Such piggy banks have been made by some ignited kids using plastic bottles.
  • Castles and kingdoms which engulf the fantasy of kids are also made using plastic bottles. The pillars and gates are generally designed by simple plastic bottles.

Cautiousness with Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids9

Kids symbolize traits of innocence and simplicity. They are naïve about the small problems and hazards associated with common articles we use daily.

  • Plastic bottles have sharp edges when cut. These can injure the child if not handled properly. Hence such craft-works prepared from plastic bottles must be done before elders.
  • Kids should not burn these plastic bottles as it is unhealthy and can be highly hazardous. Elders must take care to see that they don’t mess up.

Simple yet Enticing

Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids13

The beauty of plastic bottles lies in its simplicity. They appear elegant when decorated with a perfect taste and meticulous effort.

  • The enticing part lies in using laces, buttons and different small decorative stuffs that kids stick on the bottles to give it a charming look.
  • Animals and cartoons are the favorite characters of kids. They make different shapes of animals and cartoons from these plastic bottles.

Jewelry Ideas from Plastic Bottles

Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids30

Plastic bottles offers numerous brilliant designs but the interesting part lies in making use of these bottles to make junk jewelry.

  • Kids are usually fascinated by the jewelries their parents are decked up with. They can implement the jewelry idea with plastic bottles.
  • These plastic bottles can be cut in shapes of kites and others and then arranged in strong laces or threads to make amazing kids’ jewelries.

Plastic Bottles Crafts Giving Life

Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas for Kids31

If you don’t have pots that will support and nurture the growth of plants in your house then cut the lower portion of plastic bottles and let the life thrive peacefully. The plant grows in the plastic pot and it can also be decorated and given an attractive appearance.

Benefits of Plastic Bottle Crafts

Plastic bottle crafts have enormous benefits as it opens a wide range of options for kids to explore with.

  • They can enjoy wrapping them or coloring it or even cut them in desirable shapes and hence make stupendous craft-work. It also keeps kids busy and enhances their creative skills.
  • Moreover they are easily available and affordable. Hence kids from every background can try miscellaneous articles from them.

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